アクサ損保 Business Analyst
求人番号 21051305
会社名 アクサ損害保険株式会社
勤務地 白金オフィス
職種 損害保険業

職務内容 Job Purpose
This job purpose is to manage stakeholder collaboration and to take an agreement with them and to lead a change for bring about the maximum value. In order to do it, this job evaluates business processes, identifies needs, and develops strategies to maximize opportunities.

・Taking communication leadership to lead changes and solve problems
・Leading projects and coordinating with other teams for better business outcomes
・Supporting status management and taking leadership in problem solving during implementing the decided goals
・Taking an agreement with stakeholders on goals

Analyzation & Problem Solving
・Analyzing current business processes and system movement for problem solution and new changes. Collecting information related and analyzing it.
・Analyzing and supporting test results at all stages
・Analyzing estimates and schedules in projects
・Analyzing risk for a new change and reporting it
・Finding solutions to deliver maximum value over interacting with stakeholders (management, business users, IT, etc.) pro-active.

Other Contribution to the Division
・Supporting projects and contributing to team building
・Creating documents, manuals, minutes, status reports at the appropriate timing.

応募資格 Requirements (1): Technical skills, Job experiences
– Experience in system development projects related to Japanese insurance business and experience of BA there.
– Experience business analyst of over 5 years
– Knowledge and qualifications for BABOK. BABOK interest/ sturdy required
– Experience communicating and facilitating with stakeholders of management, business users and IT.
– Experience in leading solutions to problems that cannot be agreed between departments and complicated problems that involve many stakeholders until resolution
– Excellent documentation skill for project communication and product specifications

– Knowledge and experience in agile development or good understanding of Agile delivery methodology
– Experience in system development and programing

– 日本の保険事業に関連したシステム開発プロジェクト経験があり、そこでビジネスアナリストとして経験がある。
– ビジネスアナリスト経験5年以上
– BABOKの知識や資格を持つ。BOBOKへの興味/勉強は必須。
– マネジメント、ビジネスユーザー、ITの各ステークホルダーとのコミュニケーションやファシリテーションの経験がある。
– 部署間で合意に至らない問題や、解決に至るまで多くのステークホルダーが関係するような複雑な問題に対して、解決を導いた経験がある。
– プロジェクトコミュニケーションや要件に関する優れた文書化スキル
– アジャイル開発の知識や経験がある
– システム開発の経験がある

Requirements (2) : Behavioral skills
– Always Proactive
– Strong Leadership
– Strong Communication skill
– 常に積極的に行動できる
– 強いリーダーシップ
– 強いコミュニケーション能力

Requirements (3): Certificate, Education background
– IIBA Certificate ( CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, AAC, CCA, CBDA ) ( Nice to have )

Language skills
Japanese (Native), English (Business)
日本語(ネイティブ)/ 英語(ビジネス:外国の開発者、同僚、マネジメントへの要求やサマリーを説明できるレベルの英語)

Other comments
-To manage and lead projects and control issues as PM or PMO ( Nice to have )
-To have qualities as a Product Owner ( Nice to have )
-PMまたはPMOとしてプロジェクトを管理・主導し、課題をコントロールできる ( あればプラス )
-プロダクトオーナーとしての資質 ( あればプラス )

待遇 ○雇用形態:正社員
○勤務時間: 9:00~17:30 実働 7.5時間
○休日・休暇: 土・日曜、国民の祝日、年末年始(12月31日から1月3日) ※年間休日:120日(2021年) 、有給休暇、リフレッシュ休暇、慶弔休暇ほか
○給与: 能力・経験を考慮し当社規定により決定します。
○福利厚生等: 給与評価年1回、賞与年2回、業績賞与有り、社会保険完備、退職金制度、財形貯蓄制度、持株制度
勤務地 〒108-0072
備考 Data & Technology, Solutions Delivery Dept, BA Team
Budget : 8M

Target age:20-40

Language skills
Japanese: Native
English: Business level

This position is newly added because we need another internal resource as Business Analyst to do a smooth link between IT & the business, and therefore contribute to the success of our projects especially in our transformation context.

・Core mission
To elicitate user requirements of project and BAU and summarize it then, tell to SOs and developers
To lead solution of issues happened during it

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-Address of the current candidate (add the candidate’s Japanese address if there is one)

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-VISA status in Japan (if any)

-Possibility of face-to-face interview in Japan (YES/NO), and available dates (if any)

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