アクサ損保 Department manager – Brand & Promotion ブランド&プロモーション部 部長
求人番号 21051304
会社名 アクサ損害保険株式会社
勤務地 白金オフィス
職種 損害保険業

職務内容 Because of the fact our business mainly relies on direct response model on TV and Internet, this is one of the key positions to drive daily sales. Not only for execution of promotions this person needs to be a driver of entire business. Broader perspectives close to corporate officers is additional value this person expected to add.

This position plays a role to achieve sales target of acquisition of new insurance policies through direct response model on TV and Internet. This person also needs to demonstrate strategy building of branding and promotions in terms of short-term business outcomes and long-term brand equity building.

Build and execute promotional strategy of Motor and Pet insurance for short term response
・ Build and execute promotion strategy in terms of TV commercial and other advertising development, and media buying of offline and online ads
・ Drive PDCA cycle of promotional activities to address sales target
・ Improve efficiency of cost per acquisition and optimize marketing expense

Coordination of brand and media topics with Axa Japan entities and headquarters in Paris
・ Build relationship and lead coordination with headquarters and AXA Holdings Japan in terms of brand and media topics
・ Contribute for planning and execution of brand campaign mainly led by headquarter of AXA and AXA Japan holdings

Business analysis and budget building
・ Lead analysis of business performance of direct channel in terms of customer segmentation and customer journey
・ Coordinate performance updating with related functions such as finance and product/underwriting divisions
・ Lead budget building exercise of sales target and expense of direct channel

Contribution to company-wide strategy building
・ Contribute to company wide strategy building in terms of product strategy, pricing and other transversal topics related to topline

Team building and enhancement of employees’ well being
・ Build strong capability to drive sales in terms of organizational and resource perspective.
・ Address quantitative target of employee’s satisfaction survey by driving efforts for better organization culture

応募資格  Experience of direct business or e-commerce is must
 Experience of media buying, or search engine marketing is must
 Experience of department manager(部長) is must (section manager(課長) only is not applicable to this position)

 Strong drive to achieve short term business target
 Strong skill in strategic and logical thinking and quantitative analysis
 Leadership to drive transformation transversally
 Flexibility and collaborative style to manage interest of different functions

-Bachelor’s degree
-MBA is plus
-TOEIC 860 over
-Work experience in English (verbal communication is must)

待遇 ○雇用形態:正社員
○勤務時間: 9:00~17:30 実働 7.5時間
○休日・休暇: 土・日曜、国民の祝日、年末年始(12月31日から1月3日) ※年間休日:120日(2021年) 、有給休暇、慶弔休暇ほか
○給与: 能力・経験を考慮し当社規定により決定します。
○福利厚生等: 給与評価年1回、賞与年2回、業績賞与有り、社会保険完備、退職金制度、財形貯蓄制度、持株制度
勤務地 〒108-0072
備考 Budget:15M
-Marketing Division

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